The Elephant Squad by Kerry Gibb


Delighted to be a part of the blog tour for The Elephant Squad today!

As part of the blog tour, author Kerry Gibb is running a competition:

When a safe arrives in the school yurt, the children must think up a code that only they can know! Follow The Elephant Squad blog tour to discover the code! Each blogger will release one number and direct you to the next blog! Once you have the correct combination, email it to to unlock your entry into a competition to win a signed copy of The Elephant Squad with a limited edition bookmark. Good luck!’

Today’s number is 1! Check out Ben Harris and A Few to Read at for tomorrow’s number.

The Elephant Squad is a beautiful, hopeful tale about discovery and friendship and realising that, whatever your circumstances, you are never alone

Cleo feels different from other children. She never sees anyone out of school and never goes to the school disco that everyone talks about. At the end of each day she runs home to check on her mum, full of worry that she will be okay. With just Cleo and her mum at home, Cleo has had to take on the role of carer for her mum whose illness has increasingly led her to struggle with everyday tasks and rely on her wheelchair.

Cleo feels anxious, alone and under pressure.

That is until one day a visitor comes to speak to the school. Darryl explains that he is setting up a group for pupils who, for whatever reason, are caring for others at home. Through the group, Cleo discovers that there are others who are in a similar situation to her.

This is a story that is primarily about friendship and making connections. It is a beautiful, hopeful read that gives a voice to children who are young carers. It is written with warmth, humour and empathy and it is a hugely enjoyable book.

The Elephant Squad is a fabulous and important read. It reminds us that we never quite know what is going on in other people’s lives and what challenges they may be facing but, ultimately it reminds us that however we are feeling, we are never alone.

I absolutely loved it!

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