Nip Nebs and the Last Berry by Susi Briggs & Ruthie Redden

Unicorns and Kelpies

Nip Nebs and the Last Berry is the second installment of the beautiful Nip Nebs books from Susi Briggs and Ruthie Redden. Another original picture book in Scots, it follows the continuing adventures of Nip Nebs – this time following him and his friend Wee Moosie as they try to encourage three birds to share the last berry so they can get back to their nap.

It is an utterly enchanting tale about friendship and sharing. It is bursting with rich Scots vocabulary, making it a joy to read aloud from start to finish. If you are unfamiliar with Scots there is a handy wee glossary at the back to help!

Susi’s gorgeous storytelling is exquisitely complimented by Ruthie Redden’s glorious artwork. There is a lovely innocence about the whole book and it is impossible not to fall in love with it. Younger children will adore it and it would…

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