Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson

I am over the moon to be hosting today’s stop on the Blog Tour for the absolutely fantastic Hag Storm by Victoria Williamson.

I am a massive fan of Victoria’s two previous novels, The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle and The Boy with the Butterfly Mind. These are two contemporary stories that are very pure and honest and force the reader to think about their own attitudes and actions.

When I heard that Victoria’s next book was a historical work of fiction starring a young Rabbie Burns and was going to be published by one of my favourite publishers, Cranachan, I could barely contain my excitement. Surely a mix that could not fail to disappoint!

I was most certainly correct. Hag Storm is simply magnificent, a tale full of history, witches and magic.

Hag Storm is the story of 12 year old Rabbie Burns who spends his days working on his family’s farm. That is until one day he finds a mysterious hag stone through which he witnesses a frightening world of witches.

Hag Storm is based on Rabbie Burns and his poem Tam O’Shanter. It is a wonderfully exciting historical adventure with a brilliant burst of mystery and witchcraft. Victoria has, once again, proved that she is a master storyteller with this fantastic adventure.

An atmospheric spooky tale steeped in Scottish myth and history, Hag Storm is the perfect read for Halloween weekend.

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