Scaredy Bat by Jonathan Meres and Anders Frang

I am very excited to be hosting the first day of the blog tour for the stunning, funny and endearing story of Scaredy Bat!

It’s morning and Little Bat can’t sleep. Are Middle Bat and Big Bat right when they accuse him of being scared of the light? There’s only one way to find out! Little Bat sets out on a journey out of the old oak tree and into the light to prove to them and, more importantly to himself, that he is not a ‘Scaredy Bat’. Or is he?

Scaredy Bat is a gorgeous wee tale about being brave and about conquering your fears, no matter what others may think. Although Little Bat sets out to prove to the others that he is not scared, it is really about him discovering himself and proving to himself that he can overcome his fears.

I just fell in love with the characters in Scaredy Bat and children will adore Little Bat and his adventures. The illustrations are fabulous, full of life and little intricacies.

Scaredy Bat would be a brilliant book to read with children at home, or at school. It is a perfect little picture book about being brave, about having the courage to step outside your comfort zone and to discover the beauty and adventure that the world has to offer.

A great little story!

Thank you to Little Door Books for the review copy.

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