Aul McDonald hid a Fairm in Doric, wirds and picters bi Aaron Gale

I was so excited to receive this beautiful wee copy of Aul McDonald hid a Fairm in the post this morning. Written in Doric it is an absolutely stunning book that should sit pride of place in any home or classroom.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Doric, it is a distinct dialect of the Scots language which is spoken in North-East Scotland. Doric Books was brought about by author/illustrator, Aaron Gale, and storyteller, Jackie Ross. They had a dream to share stories and pictures books in Doric that could be enjoyed within families and beyond, and to promote the value of Doric as a dialect of Scots.

Aul McDonald hid a Fairm in Doric is one of their first publications and it is an absolute delight, perfect for Doric speakers as well as those just beginning to explore this diverse and unique Scots dialect. The classic song is interspersed with a mini tale about Aul McDonald and each of the farm animals.

The combination of the stories and the illustrations gives each character the most wonderful personalities. The illustrations are just pure joy and the animals’ facial expressions are just perfect! From the bemused looking yowes, to the cheeky and rather unfriendly looking rubbits, to the delighted looking grumphies in the mud and to the weary looking cuddy and more. Every charcter shines, none more so that Aul McDonald himself.

This is a wonderful introduction to Doric and it is a book that will delight both children and adults alike. It is the perfect picture book to share at home or in the classroom, as a story in itself or to compliment a focus on the Scots language. As a familiar story with gorgeous illustrations it is not too tricky to follow along and identify the meaning of any unfamiliar words. There is, however, a comprehensive glossary at the back to check on if needed.

Doric Books, as I have discovered, also have a superb website which, among other excellent Scots and Doric resources, has an activity book and flashcards to accompany Aul McDonald. If you are interested in Scots and Doric it is well worth checking out.

I absolutely adored this book. It is funny, beautifully illustrated and the perfect way to enjoy a story in Doric.

To find out more about their books and resource please check out their website at and follow them on Twitter at @BooksDoric

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