What If, Pig? by Linzie Hunter

What If, Pig?: A wonderful wobble of a story, all about worries - and the  friends who get you through them!: Amazon.co.uk: Hunter, Linzie:  9780008409500: Books
What if, Pig?

Pig is kind, friendly and thoughtful. Everyone think so, especially his friend Mouse. One day Pig has a great idea. He will throw a party for all of his friends! He carefully plans all the details and sends out the invitations.

But as the party gets closer Pig suddenly becomes overcome with self-doubt and anxiety. He imagines all the things that could go wrong and that, actually, nobody really likes him at all! It turns out that Pig is a massive worrier.

Fortunately Pig has some wonderful friends like Mouse who understands how to help him.

What if, Pig? is an absolutely gorgeous picture book, perfect for worriers young and old. It provides a great prompt for discussions with children about anxiety and self-esteem, how we can overcome these feelings and how we can help others who may be feeling overwhelmed by worry and self-doubt.

Ultimately this is a beautifully positive book with a wonderful message that it’s okay to worry and it’s normal to feel sad but things don’t stay that way forever.

This has got to be one of my favourite picture books. The illustrations are wonderful and the facial expressions are just perfect. It would be a great book to read with young children at home or in the classroom to provide a discussion prompt around mental health.

I loved it, make it a must read!

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