broken twigs: farewell to faerie forest by charlotte taylor (Age 8+)

Who doesn’t love a tale of magic, mischief and fairies wrapped up in a snuggly cocoon of hope and optimism? Broken Twigs: Farewell to Faerie Forest is the much anticipated debut from teacher, Charlotte Taylor, that introduces us to Twigs, a little fairy with a dubious work ethic and an attitude that leaves a lot to be desired!

Over the past few weeks and months I have followed Twigs’ journey to publication and I was so excited this read this little gem of a story.

The hard-working fairies in the forest each have their own roles and duties that they carry out with diligience and determination. They know that together their efforts create a happy, thriving community where they can all live peacefully. All of them, except Twigs. Twigs is an unlikely hero; stubborn, work-shy and intransigent. The other fairies don’t much care for her but Twigs isn’t bothered. She is happy to get by on her own.

But when a grave error in judgement leaves Twigs alone and the other fairies in danger, Twigs begins to realise that she needs friends more than she thought.

I love stories with fairies and I love characters that break from the norm. Twigs is anything but your stereotypical fairy, but she has a vulnerability that lures you in and is the basis for this gorgeous tale of morality, responsiblity and kindness. I think we all have a little bit of the mischievious Twigs in us.

Broken Twigs is a beautifully told story by Charlotte Taylor that introduces us to the most wonderful characters. The illustrations from Kezzia Crossley are absolutely glorious and add to this simply stunning, magical, lyrical debut that will appeal to all ages. I cannot wait for the next installment to find out what lies in wait for Twigs. An absolute must read!

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