I am very excited for Unicorns and Kelpies to be hosting the ‘U’ stop on the alphabetty blog tour for the fabulous ‘Oi Aardvark!’.

We have loved the series of ‘Oi’ books. They are fun, colourful and funny and ‘Oi Aardvark’ is more of the same brilliance. Our favourite characters, Frog, Dog and Cat are back to lead us on a rhyming, whimsical animal tour from A to Z. This time Frog has decided to write a new alphabet book to tell new animals where they need to sit. He is full of confidence that he can get through the alphabet from A to Z, naming different animals AND finding them a place to sit that rhymes. Cat is a lot more skeptical and his endearing grumpy persona shines through as Frog proves him wrong!

‘Oi Aardvark’ is another fabulous, educational and entertaining book from the ‘Oi’ team. It is silly , fun and the rhymes are truly hilarious! Topped off with gorgeous expressive illustrations, this is another winner and an absolute must read picture book.

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