Elma the Elf and the Tinsel-Tastic Sled Zeppelin by Camilla Victoria Storm and Nick Simons

15767090135375313211692471369939.jpgElma the Elf has to be one of my favourite Christmas stories ever. I laughed, I smiled and enjoyed every second of Elma’s adventures. With such a strong, feisty character at the centre of the tale it was always going to be an exciting and enthralling ride! Handily split into 24 chapters it could be read as a countdown to Christmas but, to be honest, you will be so engrossed you will want to read more than a chapter at a time.

Elma is about to start her new job at Santa’s toy factory and she is beyond excited to be part of the team. However, things are not quite as she expected and she quickly makes her feelings known. She is a clever little elf with oodles of ideas but is also very opinionated and is not afraid to speak her mind, which does not always go down well with others.

When Elma discovers that Santa has gone missing she decides to set out on a mission to save Christmas and is determined that nothing will get in her way. Her spirited approach allows her to win others round and she is ably supported in her momentous task by a fellow team of elves and the reformed troop of wayward reindeers.

For me Elma is the ultimate role model.  Passionate, determined and unrelenting in the pursuit of her goals, while encouraging everyone else with her enthusiasm. Although she can be a bit of pain she begins to realise that more can be achieved through kindness and understanding as the story progresses.

Elma the Elf is a fantastically fun adventure about one little elf trying to save Christmas. It is also the story of how a small voice can make a big impact when they believe in themselves and have the courage to follow what they know is right.

Finally, it is moral tale of how being kind is the most important thing for us all to be.

I absolutely adored this book and I urge you to order it now as a wee pre-Christmas treat. You will not regret it!

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