The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club by Alex Bell

polar bear

I had heard so many brilliant things about The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club and when I got some book vouchers for my birthday it was one of my immediate choices. However, that was back in May and somehow my poor copy managed to sit in my TBR pile for the next 3 months, never quite getting to the top, until finally I decided to delve in.  And wow, how glad I am that I did. It is a book that I wished that I could have read as a child. It is an adventure about following your dreams, being brave, friendship and having confidence in yourself.

Stella Starflake Pearl lives with her adoptive father, Felix, who is a member of the renowned Polar Bear Explorers’ Club and spends much of his time on expeditions  to discover new and exotic places.  Stella is desperate to accompany Felix on one of his trips but is frustrated that girls are not allowed.  Until one day everything changes and Felix allows Stella to accompany him on the expedition to the Icelands.

When Stella meets up with the other children on the trip we join them on an adventure of a lifetime, where we meet giant yetis, carnivorous cabbages and much more as we follow them on a journey of friendship and understanding.

The Polar Bear Explorers’ Club is a thrilling tale of adventure with a real heart.  It is a book that I genuinely couldn’t put down. I would absolutely 100 per cent recommend it to everybody, young and old, and I can’t wait to read more Alex Bell’s brilliant tales.

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