The True Colours of Coral Glen by Juliette Forrest. Age 8+


The first thing to say about The True Colours of Coral Glen, is who could resist a cover that gorgeous? It draws you in with its beauty and the next thing you are walking out of the bookshop with it under your arm. A quick nod to Jamie Gregory for the fabulous cover illustration.

I love the premise of this story. The central character, Coral,  sees the world through a rainbow of colours and can see things in a way that others can’t. Thus we are treated to some wonderful descriptions of things based on their colour as Coral sees them. A hat that is Plum Fandango, traffic lights that are always Ruby Starlet and tears that are Sparkle Festival.

At the start of the story Coral is struggling to deal with the death of her grandma. She blames herself and cannot find a way to deal with her grief. She then meets a strange boy at the graveyard who promises to help her say a final goodbye to her grandma if Coral promises that she will help him in return. What follows is a macabre tale involving ghosts, witches and a pretty terrifying dark entity called Muckle Red.

However it is not all scary stuff and there are plenty of lighthearted moments. I particularly loved Skaw the worm who I read in Begby from Trainspotting’s voice the whole way through.

The True Colours of Coral Glen is a marvellous and original story with more than a hint of darkness, which kids will love. Add it to your to be read list, you will not be disappointed!

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