Crime Squirrel Investigators: The Naughty Nut Thief by Emily Dodd Illustrated by Giulia Cregut


Crime Squirrel Investigators is a gloriously fun picture book with a clear message about the importance of telling the truth, even when that can be really difficult.

When Rosie discovers that someone has eaten her secret stash of hazelnuts, she is distraught and angry! Who would do such a thing? She enlists the help of her best friend Charlie to help solve the crime.  As they work their way through the suspects we discover some fascinating wee facts about each of them and their nut eating habits.  As we reach the surprising conclusion we are reminded of the powerful message that honesty is always the best policy and that the truth will always come out, but that we can always forgive and move on.

Crime Squirrel Investigators is a fantastic wee story with a really powerful message that will resonate with young children and their adults. The illustrations are just amazing and the characters are full of expression on every page.

This is a great picture book for young children that would sit well in any early years setting or as a perfect bedtime story.

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