The Night I Met Father Christmas by Ben Miller

I do love a wee heart-warming Christmas story and this one was no exception.  The Night I Met Father Christmas is visually stunning, the beautiful cover enticing you in from the moment you spy it on the shelf.  The snow-flaked edged pages make you feel like you’re in a Christmassy snow storm and the illustrations throughout by Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini are quite marvellous, reminiscent of books I remember from my youth.

The story itself is about a young boy, Jackson, who has a raft of questions he wants to ask Father Christmas and his curiosity means he endeavours to stay up to meet the man in question.   When they finally meet we are taken on a charming and life-affirming journey, following a grumpy and mean little elf called Torvil.  Throughout the tale we are introduced to many magical and wondrous characters (including my favourite – the talking, walking fir tree) as we follow Torvil’s journey to discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Following in the footsteps of A Christmas Carol, our main character is taken on a journey of self-reflection and comes out the other end a better person (or elf). But far from feeling clichéd or predictable, The Night I Met Father Christmas is a quirky wee tale full of its own wit and charm.

This is an enchanting and magical book and a wonderfully enjoyable read.  It is a delightful Christmas tale that I would absolutely recommend to get you in the festive mood!


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